Author Topic: anyone ever had this?  (Read 2837 times)

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anyone ever had this?
« on: Jul 05 2009, 09:55 AM »

since just after xmas in early jan, i had quite a bad sinnus infection which flaired up my simptoms. ever since then every few weeks i get quite alot of pressure and pretty bad typical md symptoms like pretty severe spinns and muffled hearing and pain around forehead and in ears normaly just my right ear and then i get a very odd problem when the pressure feeling gets high, i get what feels like a nose bleed but what actualy comes out is a clearish fluid with a almost floresent yellow colour and has no smell which can be as much as a few tablespoons to a few drops and oddly enough after this happens the pressure fades and so does the symptoms, but then it repeats this cycle over a period of a few weeks or so,

its been playing havoc with my symptoms so i went to see the docs with no avail of finding the cause

they think its sinus drainage which may be getting blocked and causing pressure and releasing suddenly out the nose which normaly the drainage should go down your throat

after this happens i get quite a sore head around my forehead for 3-6 hrs,

anyways i just thought ild mention this as its been quite worrying as ive been reading of all sorts of horrors on the internet, the docs dont seem too worried about it so i think its nothing to worry about, i hope


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Re: anyone ever had this?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 05 2009, 10:42 AM »
HI Puggster

I had this once and never again, a few years ago a few weeks after a cold.  I remember the orange colour now you mention it and it was just like water and it ran straight out of my nose.  I thought then that it was sinus drainage.  I think it's probably a good thing that it found it's way out somehow!  Sorry to be so graphic guys!!

Chris x
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Re: anyone ever had this?
« Reply #2 on: Jul 06 2009, 08:44 AM »
Hi Puggs

I get something similar but at any time.  I have had several sinus wash outs over the years, two sub mucous resections on my nose and then someone broke it  :o  also had polyps removed twice and my nose will suddenly feel like its bleeding, but only clear fluid comes out, no warning at all, it just pours out... can be very embarrasing, mine is called post nasal drip and a side affect of past operations and sinus probs... must mention mine is clear unless i have a cold, but maybe get it checked as sometimes it can mean there is an actual leak in the cavatiy in the head, very unlikely but my ENT checked to be sure and mine wasn't so just have to be embarrassed at odd nasal leaks in even more odd places.. hope this helps a bit  :)