Author Topic: 2010 WHITE PAPER - PLEASE READ AND TAKE NOTE  (Read 1089 times)

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« on: Aug 06 2009, 03:04 PM »
Hi All.

i am not a scare monger, i have allour benefit interests at heart, i have as those that read my posts been reading the green paper Shaping the future of care together, i have just amongst all the waffle found this little gem:-

"We will publish a White Paper on care and support in 2010, with detailed proposals for implementing a new National Care Service offering care and support for everyone".

Basically a white paper is a clear intention by a government to implement a new law, this means that they are infact already intending to do this regardless, unless enough fuss is made to the contrary, they already have the disability rights orgy backing this green paper to the full.

Disability Benefits is the phrase the government use throughout this green paper, these benefits will be taken away and the money used to fund this new National Care Scheme, well which benefits do they mean all or some this is not being made clear, yes i know AA has been directly targeted. However CARE is the keyword, c#so will they remove the care component of DLA to fund this in my opinion on past experience yes. If they do this is bound to impact on the right to supplementary benefits that arise from receipt of another benefit.

Also a lot of the items/services provided by occupational therapy and social services at present that dissabled people receive free of charge, Will under this new regime have to be paid for. I could go on and on but i wont i will however urge you all to go and download the green paper and form your own opinions.

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« Reply #1 on: Aug 09 2009, 07:38 AM »
Hi Les,
Yes, it looks as though the intention is to take AA and DLA Care payments out of the hands of claimants . Maybe this will then be used in the form of a Direct Payment to the Care Provider to ensure that it is used for 'care' and not just added to the claimants weekly budget. Paying for a Home Help to clean is an obvious one. I get low DLA care for cooking because I have a habit of throwing pans of boiling Veg. across the kitchen when I turn to strain them into the sink. The DLA money allows me to buy food which is ready prepared for the microwave or microwave steamable to make life safer. I am not sure how this can be incorporated into a new regime. It would cost them far more to send someone in everyday to make me a main meal.
The mobility component is a different issue and there would be problems in
taking this away from claimants except those who chose the motorbility route from High DLA. Am I going to have to get receipts for taxi journeys and will thay pay above the present rate if I have a week where I use them more than others and what about the carer who travels with me when I go somewhere I am unfamiliar with. Will they pay the fare and pay for their time and recompense them for time off work or is there to be a New Mobility Benefit?
The rates for low DLA is not that high so I cannot see it will cost less unless as we all expect we are disallowed something we have fought very, very hard to be awarded.

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« Reply #2 on: Aug 09 2009, 11:35 AM »
I agree Barbara - it will cost a lot more to provide these services or to 'police' them than if you just let people get on with it themselves.  Maybe they will only be interested in medium/high rate care?  This is going to turn out to be complicated I think.  Let's hope they start to realise that.

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