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2nd Gent injection
« on: Dec 23 2009, 05:24 PM »
Hello All. I need some honesty from you as to if I am just being a wimp or a brave sole...

I had my second Gent injection on Monday 12/21/09 and since then I have been so sleepy and off balance.
I took Tuesday off work and slept all day. Today I am trying to work but my mind is off wondering, mainly on how miserable I feel and how I would rather be in bed...
I guess I don't remember feeling this tired and out of it after my first injection.

So am I being a wimp and need to just get on with it?
or am I a brave sole just for trying to work 2 days after a Gent treatment?

Oh I hear it's almost Christmas, I have not done any shopping yet- still plenty of time right?
Just say NO to dizzy :)  Madeline


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Re: 2nd Gent injection
« Reply #1 on: Dec 24 2009, 09:42 AM »
Hi Madeline,

I don't think you are being a wimp at all, i am having vertigo almost constantly and its really getting to me, i had hoped to get a decent nights sleep last night, but my cat is very ill and kept howling so i had to keep seeing to her.  This morning i feel dreadful, i wanted to enjoy today with my daughter but feel like going back to bed, i need to wash my hair too and don't feel like doing that in any way :(

At least everything is wrapped so thats something, but i haven't even had a gent injection and i feel very rough, so NO i don't think you are a wimp and i hope you feel better soon.

Sally x