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Pregnancy & prescriptions
« on: Feb 14 2010, 12:54 PM »
Hi, my names Amanda and i've been suffering with meniere's since having my son 2 years ago. My first attack happened when i was 15weeks pregnant. It became really scary throughout my pregnancy as i spent most my time lying down for fear of falling. I refused to take any prescription drugs as they were not proven to be non harmful to my baby. As soon as my son was born i was put on a course of Betahistine, which i have to admit has made the world of difference. My problem now lies with the fact that i wish to expand my family by having another baby but my doctor can't perscribe anything to take while pregnant so loks like i might have to go it alone for the second one too  :( any advice would be gratefully received x


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Re: Pregnancy & prescriptions
« Reply #1 on: Feb 15 2010, 09:38 AM »
Hi Amanda,

I was diagnosed with MD when my daughter was one.  I fell over many times during my pregnancy, the best one was in the middle of a zebra crossing!!  i didn't know what was wrong at the time of my pregnancy and put it down to being pregnant, until i had mt first full blown attack, but looking back now, i realise all the signs were there, i know we can all fall over more easily in pregnancy, but i just couldn't keep balanced at all.

I can't take serc because i am asthmatic and am now bilateral, i am unsure what to suggest as i only take cinnarizine when i am bad, and i'm not even sure if that is safe during pregnancy?  I would have a chat with your Consultant first and see what advise they can give you, and good luck :)

Sally xx

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Re: Pregnancy & prescriptions
« Reply #2 on: Mar 05 2010, 04:37 PM »
Hi Mand,
I spoke to my consultant about Betahistine & pregnancy & he says that he advises his patients to come off it before getting pregnant because it's not licensed for use in pregnancy (he did say that not many drugs are licensed because understandably no-one will volunteer for trials whilst they are pregnant).  He said that a lot of his patients have managed successfully without BH whilst pregnant & didn't get attacks - who knows why but it may be something to do with the hormones. I must admit I got cold feet about coming off the BH in order to try for a baby so the baby thing is on hold for me.  So if you do find anything out it'd be really interesting for me. Good luck.