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When to take prochlorperazine (stemetil)?

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Hi Jane G.
I was getting full spins on and off for several months last year (2010) and was on Betahistine and Prochlorperazine initially I was told to take 2 Proch. three times a day but after about three months told to stop taking them unless experiencing a spin.  This resulted in my being sick everytime I had a spin.
  A GP who I had not seen before but who I was informed had an interest in ENT put me onto a single tablet dose of Buchastem to be placed between the upper lip and gum.  This wasn't very helpful and when I next saw her she told me to take the Buchastem 2 at a time as soon as I think I might be going to spin.  If after doing this I still feel a spin is going to start I get to bed in a darkened room ASAP and lay perfectly still .  I would love to say that I've not had a full spin since changing to this doseage and method BUT around seven times out of ten I have escaped the sickness and the severe spinning.
Prochlorperazine for me has proved to be a NO-NO but Buchastem has helped me a lot even if it hasn't cured me of the MD.  Some people are put off by the taste Buchastem leaves in the mouth but I think the exchange for being sick for several hours is well worth it.  Being a regular reader of this forum I know that what works for one doesn't work for another.
Please excuse the ramblings of an OAP.

Hi Ashes and Jane,
Prochlorperazine goes under the name of stemetil and Buccastem.  There are dangers in taking prochlorperazine long term as it can give Parkingson type symptoms including the shakes. It is better used as a medication to ease the symptoms of an ensuing spin to reduce the nausea. It is safe to take it short term for an acute attack and is better used as buccastem as you do not lose it if you throw up. Having said that I was at one stage given a double dose of oral stemetil for nearly 18months by a consultant I eventually kicked into touch. I didn't know much about MD or it's meds at that stage or I certainly wouldn't have taken that dose for that long. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have done any long term damage touch wood. Betahistine or Serc as it is generally know can be used as a preventative to try to ward off the spins but prochlorperazine cannot stop attacks it is just used to ease the sickness caused by the spin. It is quite acceptable to use one or two buccastem as required.
Hope that helps.


Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I will definitely try Buccastem the next time I get an attack and see if that helps. I am also taking betahistine 8mg 3 times a day, so hopefully that will ward off any nasty spins - has anyone taken betahistine at the same time as stemetil/ buccastem? Are there any dangers?

Hi Anna,
There are no problems in taking Serc (betahistine) and Buccastem (prochlorperazine) together as they are very different in nature and the way they work.
Barbara x

Hi Anna,
I took Serc and Buccastem for most of last year and at one point, was reliant on Buccastem to get me through a day without the vomiting so they are fine to take together.
Hope you feel better soon,


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