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« on: Oct 17 2012, 03:43 PM »
 Hi everyone,
Im having one of those days and im writing in part to fight that isolated feeling that can be so overwhelming.  Im currently waiting for feedback on tests (MRI and Balance) and a diagnosis (MD or something else)... well is taking an age (6 weeks now since tests) and is driving me nuts to say the least. 

Regardless of this and out of necessity i have had to return to work, though im still not 100% .  I haven't had a dizzy (spinning) attack for almost two months, however i still suffer from ear pressure and pain, head fullness, and mild tinnitus and vertigo (the feeling of moving when your not).    I'm praying i'm going to be able to manage at work as i have gone from a quiet home environment into a busy, noisy office.  I struggled hearing people on the phone today.... which came as a surprise as my last hearing test showed my hearing was within normal parameters and i can hear ok using my mobile.  Everything seems just that little bit more difficult to do as battling the ear pressure/head fullness makes tasks feel like wading through treacle.  I'm hoping in time i'm either going to be diagnosed and find a medication/treatment to help me, or i condition my brain/ body to get used to working in a busy office with my affliction, or whatever it is I have got. I dare not think what will happen if i cannot cope at work... cross that bridge when if have to I suppose.

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Re: Frustration
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17 2012, 07:55 PM »
Hello Linda

I sympathise with your situation, as I was in same position as yourself after four months of sick leave.  I too had all the tests MRI, balance and waited weeks for diagnosis, which was incidentally inconclusive, I have most of the symptoms ie hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, ear fullness of Menieres, but am still without a diagnosis. Was discharged until I have any major symptoms again. Was frustrated and confused as audiologist who did balance test confirmed  hydrops. Please read my previous posts for info. 

I returned back to work before my final consultation on a phased returned four hours first day, one day per week and gradually built it up to be full time again, struggled in noisy office but found it good to be back in the normal world.  Hope it gets easier for you, just know your limitations and try and keep relaxed.  I have been back at work now six months and I still have problems occasionally but try to remain calm and positive.  Have eliminated caffeine from my life and follow low salt diet and this has greatly helped my tinnitus.

Hope you get a firm diagnosis soon.  Take care Alison