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Some advice
« on: Feb 14 2013, 02:16 PM »
Hello there, firstly I would like to apologise as I can imagine you must receive a lot of questions from worried people experiencing vestibular symptoms.

My problems began 6 months ago where I felt some brief vertigo spinning sensations lasting under a few minutes each time. I seem to recall the second time this happened there was a muffled sensation almost like the sensation you would receive when you come out of a loud environment into silence. Both these instances happened in a two day stretch and I have not felt them to this degree since.

This progressed into a rocking sensation like I was dropping a few inches what happened from here I have no idea but I experienced some terrible pulling pushing sensations that I can best describe similar to when you come off a boat for a long period of time and you find it difficult to maintain balance. I became very frightened during this period and was terrified for my life. I should imagine the mixture of extreme anxiety and stress worsened these sensations and I became practically bed ridden and on constant edge.

My balance seemed to regain, then disappear on an almost daily basis and the variability of what was happening further increased my anxiety and fear. I began to experience spinning sensations although these remained on a subjective basis.

I was eventually diagnosed as having a disorder called migraine associated vertigo by a neurologist. Although this diagnosis makes some sense to me due to the constant sensitivity to bright lights, then almost constant derealisation and etc.

I have had low level tinnitus for about 5 years which I am more aware of now then previously. Although I guess I am concentrating on it more. I also recall experiencing these moments 'where you come out of a loud environment into a silent environment with a whistling sound' happening quite frequently to me over the last 5 years although presenting with no dizziness. This is just on my right ear. Another thing that troubles me is a fullness or irritation in my right ear.

I feel the need to click my jaw and yawn to try and clear it, and this is fairly constant with some days better than others. I also have strange sensations of fluid moving in my canal or like there is an itch of some sort and a tightness in my throat. Although I have had this right sided throat irritation since I was 16 about 10 years ago.

Could this in fact be a strange presentation of menieres? The tinnitus is constant although only usually noticeable in the mornings and afternoons or in very silent environments. The fullness feeling can be cleared by clicking jaw, yawning etc but it comes straight back. I have no hearing loss. I am still left with some sinking/rocking feelings and my balance is sometimes very wobbly but I am unsure whether this is purely anxiety as I have been left extremely traumatised by the recent events. I am convinced there is a correlation between the weather as I had read this early on however I have monitored the weather over the last several months and I cannot really see any obvious patterns.

Thank you for reading