Author Topic: MD or labrynthitis  (Read 1713 times)

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MD or labrynthitis
« on: Dec 05 2012, 01:25 PM »
Hi Guys,

My GP is still trying to decide whether or not i have MD or Labrynthitis.

Recently i have been having day's where im deaf in my left ear, vertigo attacks at night when lying in bed, and often after eating ! It also feels like someone has put tiny balloons in my ears and inflating them  :o

These attacks dont happen every day, only thing im guaranteed to have on a daily basis is the tinnitus which affects both ears ( though never at the same time ) and can sometimes be so loud it gives me headaches...

Is it worth me insisting on seeing an ENT ? The hearing loss is really beginning to get me down. I dont go completly deaf, its more like what you would hear if your head was under water, but all the same its worrying.

Thanks for reading


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Re: MD or labrynthitis
« Reply #1 on: Dec 05 2012, 05:57 PM »
Hi, if the GP has ruled out infection and the condition isn't clearing, then I would ask for an ENT referral.  You need to know what you are dealing with, so you can start the correct treatment.

I wish you well, this condition is not pleasant at all.