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Help please
« on: Dec 14 2012, 11:30 AM »
I have the following issues, to which I am fairly sure it is MD, however my ENT puts it down to an ear infection. Below is the list of symptoms and problems I have.


Ear fullness in both ears
dizzyness/rotational vertigo
permanent tinnitus
migraines (On medical notes with diagnoses of chronic migraines)
deafness in left ear
profound hearing loss in right ear
stress/anxiety/depression from being fairly housebound
awful sleeping pattern due to ringing in ears being very loud
stopped driving lessons due to bouts of unpredicted vertigo/motion sickness


Unable to leave house 4-5 days of the week unless being driven by partner to location
Dizzyness increased when outdoors in urban areas where there is lots of motion (shopping centres, roads, supermarkets)
If outdoors, needing to stop and rest is key, so will go where I KNOW there are benches
If unable to find a bench/seat, dizzyness increases until I fall over
Turning head left and right when crossing a road causes dizzyness
If symptoms are particularly bad, I will call my partner/siblings/parents to pick me up and take me home if I am out alone
I hold onto hand rails where possible for balance, or hold onto partners hand for stability when out
Anxiety while out when symptoms start
Need to stop walking and sit down if I have nothing to hold onto every 400-500m or so, if no bench, I will find a lamppost/handrail/tree to lean against
Hearing loss requires subtitles on tv, or increased volume on radio, or loudspeaker on the phone, prefering to text rather than call.

My GP referred me to an audiologist as he agree's the ENT's diagnosis is wrong, but I am now filling out the ESA50 form, and at a loss as most of the questions don't seem relevant. What do I do to A, get the correct diagnosis, and B, fill out the form so it shows how bad I actually have it.

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Re: Help please
« Reply #1 on: Dec 15 2012, 09:02 AM »
If you get in touch with The Menieres Society , they can send you a list of ENT consultants who specialise in MD and other balance disorders. You could then ask your GP to refer you specifically to one of them. They also have a phone help line