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Still not right
« on: Jan 30 2013, 05:56 PM »
I had my first real attack of MD,to my knowledge on new years eve.After about 3 days started to feel a lot better,then what appeared to be another attack.Went to the doctor on the 16th Jan.He prescribed Prochlorpazine 3 times daily.After about 4 days i started feeling better again so stopped taking them.Then another relapse,so have been taking them 3 times daily since then.
Went and saw a different doctor yesterday,Who Prescribed Betahistine 3 times daily and advised me to stop taking Prochlorperazine.Still taking both at the moment.
I feel better although a little light headed still when i am up and about,but now as soon as i lie down the bed spins even though i feel better.
This was not happening for a few days until i started taking the  Betahistine.
What i wanted to ask was as i am new to all this is,Should i still be feeling like this after 30 days it has been now,and is it possible the Betahistine are not right for me,as i was at last getting some sleep lying down in bed until i started taking them.I have an appointment with the ENT specialist on the 15th feb,but was hoping to feel a little better before i saw him.Still not able to work since new year.

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Re: Still not right
« Reply #1 on: Jan 30 2013, 07:09 PM »
I would carry on taking the betahistine- it can take a few weeks to kick in and is meant to be a long term medication not to be stopped and started.Not sure of your history Frommage but feeling dizzy when lying down or getting up is often BPPV . This can be a seperate condition to MD ( which is quite easily treatable) or it can sometimes go hand in hand with MD . See what ENT has to say/offer. Betahistine is normally very well tolerated and it seems unlikely to be causing vertigo. I,m afraid 30 days would not be unusual for an MD cluster of attacks and feeling relatively OK in between.