Author Topic: Good afternoon. Newbie here  (Read 1423 times)

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Good afternoon. Newbie here
« on: Jun 10 2013, 02:45 PM »
Hi everyone. I would like to share with you my story of MD. Today I am not diagnosed as MD but my helpful doctor who was too busy looking at other areas gave me Cinnarizine. 

3 years ago I started getting a throbbing dull ache in my left ear. Not knowing about MD or side effects I put it down to hayfever, then spend pounds on ear wax cleaners that did not do or make an ounce of diiference. I then decided it was coffee that was giving me pain, making me miss door enterances, falling sidewards into walls. I stopped drinking coffee.

My dear husband kept telling me I was ignoring him when I had ear pain, maybe I was I was suffering from selective hearing. Men nag just as much as women. He has nagged me to get it sorted.

I put it off. I quite liked my newfound selective hearing. I am 36 years old too young to go deaf. I was in sheer denial.

I was chatting to my sister and told her about my symptoms and her friend had MD and she said it could be this. I looked it up on the net and scared myself silly. I live out the way grom family and care for a family member to I need my car. So I put off going to doctors. After a week of pain I couldn't take anymore so this morning I went to doctors. I have to take two 15mg  three times a day. I had my first two after dinner. I do feel more tired. Does any of you wonderful people know if after a few days the drowsiness will wear off? And any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Good afternoon. Newbie here
« Reply #1 on: Jun 30 2013, 10:44 PM »
Hi , sorry for the late reply. I dont have a formal diagnosis of MD either. My GP initially started me on Betahistine but changed it to Cinnarazine after a week. I cant say I've felt drowsiness,  although I still think I am also recovering from a bad attack while possibly still having smaller attacks.  Sorry that doesn't really answer your question but I hope things have improved for you.  Your symptoms and situation sound similar to mine; I live in a rural area and a community based job which requires me to drive.  I really want a  confirmed diagnosis so I can know what to expect but I am terrified of not being able to drive.