Author Topic: Anyone else take Betahistine (Serc) With a beta blocker such as propranolol?  (Read 4006 times)

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Hi. I have suffered with Vertigo since 2006 now, and sadly has left me housebound for the past 8 months due to the severe panic attacks it was causing me to have when I would suddenly feel the earth beneath me drop, and then feel that everything was rocking/spinning.

I have been prescribed Betahistine to help combat the vertigo. But am also taking the beta blocker propranolol for the extreme psychical symptoms of panic attacks. My doctor tells me that its ok to mix the 2 drugs together, but I have read that taking them together is not recommended. It's hard to find a reliable source and cannot simply take the doctors word for it,as quite frankly I feel they don't care so much about interactions. (Once was told it was fine to take an antidepressant with a cough medicine and I ended up blacking out)

 So the question is, does anyone else here take these drugs together, and if so, are there interactions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The information leaflets enclosed in your medication pack should give some information.  If this does not answer your query your local pharmacist would be the best person to ask.

I hope things improve for you.  Obviously the Propanalol will help with feelings of anxiety but in the long term avoidance will only make your anxiety worse.  It might be worth considering what might help you reassure you when you are outdoors ie a stick or walking frame.  It was not long ago that I would have completely resisted such an idea but having been subject to gossip and discussions about the state of young people drinking all the time (I am 40, the only consolation I got was that I was happy to be classed as young).  Also build up how far you go, initially maybe just out of the front door, then to the end of the of road etc.  The Meniere's Society has loads of really useful information leaflets about how to manage symptoms.


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You can always check with your pharmacist for advice on meds.

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I take propranolol as a migraine prevention 80mg a day together with 24mg x3 times a day of serc. Both my gp and consultant have said it is fine and have been doing so for almost a year. Hope that helps.