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Balance Therapy
« on: Oct 05 2017, 07:37 PM »
At my last consultant's appointment, in July he said he would refer me to the balance therapist. The appointment finally appeared, at a not very convenient time and place, of course, but it was simpler to get there than try to rearrange; I smiled pleasantly at younger son and said he would be happy to take me, wouldn't he? It was that or 3 buses...

Anyway, we had a long talk about my history of deafness, and the tinnitus and how did it affect me? Well, it's nuisance but I just get on with it - what else can you do? Eventually we moved on to balance, which most of the time is pretty good. I walk, I cycle, I dance 99% of the time with no problem. Only when I mentioned that sometimes at the onset of vertigo, always without warning, I feel as if I'm being pushed sideways on the side of my head, did the therapist eagerly make a note, then moved on to the next question before I could ask why that was so interesting - and I didn't remember to ask later ::). Any ideas why that should be notable?

I have eye exercises and balance exercises to do. They seem fairly straight forward and I don't expect any problems with doing them - they can't do any harm, even if they don't miraculously cure me. I have to go back in December.

Meanwhile the wobbles continue to occur at random moments for varying lengths of time. I see the consultant again in a couple of weeks and we'll see whether we are any nearer a diagnosis - could be/may be/possibly MD, or not.... :-\