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Advice needed
« on: Apr 05 2014, 07:37 PM »
Hi all
I had a second Tympanectomy operation in early November last year.The attacks are not as frequent now (about one every two weeks), but i still am unsteady on my feet and have difficulty carrying anything and walking. I also have a constant "fuzzy" head,its difficult to concentrate.
I am also lucky enough to suffer with Hyperacusis where sudden loud noises like dogs barking,children screaming,car horns cause pain and make me instantly dizzy/feel sick.

When i saw my consultant in February he suggested more balance therapy and a hearing aid.I have been doing the therapy and wearing the hearing aid for a month now with no real improvement,if anything the hearing aid just amplifies the sounds that cause me problems.

The consultant has offered me either destructive surgery or a nerve section if the hearing aid/therapy don't work out.