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Hearing Tests
« on: Jan 20 2016, 12:36 PM »
Hi, I have been having hearing tests over the last 12 months and was diagnosed about this time with MD.

Three times I have been told that I need a hearing aid. I was even told by my consultant that I needed one.

So, just before Christmas I went to have a cast taken of my left ear so my hearing aid would fit me correctly.

Today I returned for my fitting, had more hearing tests, and told that they thought my hearing had improved slightly. This meant I did not get my hearing aid. I explained that I struggled using the telephone and can only hear correctly if persons sit to my right. I also explained the high level of tinnitus and told previously that a noise generator would be fitted to my aid,

The audiologist said that she would talk to her colleagues to consider if I require a tinnitus

Therefore, today I am totally confused, and wasted two and a half hours of my time.

Has anyone ever encountered the same problems with hearing fluctuations. I would appreciate any comments or stories you may have about this.

Many thanks


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Re: Hearing Tests
« Reply #1 on: Jan 20 2016, 02:11 PM »
Hi Stevesafe

I have heard of others with MD that have fluctuating hearing.  But, to be honest not fluctuating enough to be told one minute you need a hearing aid and another you don't.

I do understand your frustration over this issue because I do feel it is better to have a hearing aid early to give you time to get used to it just in case you have further hearing loss in the future. My hearing loss was around 65dlb when I was told I needed a hearing aid but by the time I got one a year later I was down to 90dlb and now I can not get used to the blooming thing.

Have they told you how much loss you have in terms of decibels?.  I think it would be interesting to know what it was and what they say it is now. Also might be worth asking your consultant for another hearing test.  When are you due to go back to see him/her ?

If your Tinnitus is really troublesome you can have a masker for it.  It looks like a hearing aid but just plays what they call white noise which you basically listen too instead of the Tinnitus. Obviously you were due to have a hearing aid with a Tinnitus masker so I am surprised they never suggested just the masker on its own.  Maybe your consultant will suggest that at your next appointment and if not you could ask for one.

I wonder if anyone knows on this forum the level of hearing loss needed to be prescribed a hearing aid!! I hope others will be able to offer you advice on this Steve.

Take care


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Re: Hearing Tests
« Reply #2 on: Jan 20 2016, 02:16 PM »
MD and hearing aids are a very difficult match as with a fluctuating hearing loss it is very difficult to set up correctly as the hearing changes so much (not just the sound level) ie. the type of sound quality changes as it is cochlea related rather than ear drum/middle ear related.

It also depends on whether you are bi lateral or not as you can normally cope very well with one good ear and a little loss of hearing in the other.

Often people with just MD hearing loss prefer to go with no hearing aid until and if the hearing loss is too bad to be able to cope as it is affecting both ears. Many people with MD will not suffer a hearing loss that will mean that a hearing aid is required (unless both ears are affected?)