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Fear of job loss
« on: Mar 18 2019, 01:23 PM »
I have had MD for many years and following a lengthy period of remission it struck again causing total hearing loss in my left ear. As i needed perfect hearing for my job i was deemed unable to carry out my job role. I was temporarily demoted whilst my employer searched for an alternative job role for me. To cut a very long story short, after 18 months of demotion and no support from my employer, the formal redeployment route commenced. My employer found me a new post at my original salary scale. I tried the new job for 4 days as i knew I faced a termination of my contract if i didnt try it but the hostile environment caused my MD to flare. In addition to the hostile environment i couldnt socialise at tea/lunch breaks due to the noise levels in the canteen which led to social embarrassment and isolation. Plus the office was so small and had so many people working in it I was frequently walking into things. I immediately emailed HR to tell them the job wasnt suitable and they sent my manager to talk me out of my decision. I remained steadfast in my decision. HR tried to talk me out of my decision. The union tried to talk me out of my decision. I felt harassed and bullied. The stress was too much and now im off sick. I need help because the union want me to prove how the work environment affected my disability but my head is so foggy I can't think straight! Can someone help me. My job is at risk 😢

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Re: Fear of job loss
« Reply #1 on: Mar 19 2019, 03:38 PM »
Hi Gildo,

Tough situation for you and I have been there.

At the moment the company is following the correct process.

1/Did you have an independent workplace assessment carried out in your old role and have you had one done in your new role? This is an assessment of your disability (don't forget that MD and hearing loss are both registered disabilities) in association with the role you do. Ie is it reasonable?

2/ Do you wear a hearing aid? and do you have a hearing loss in both ears?

3/ Because MD comes and goes it difficult for people to understand and assess. So be clear about how and why it affects you.

4/ You yourself have to accept that an employer can only do so much and you must also look at and work out what role you can do within your company. Does that role exist? What can be changed to make the situation better.

5/ They cannot terminate your job based in your disability and they have to prove that they have done everything they can to accommodate your situation. I understand about a noisey environment.Can they change that? can you work in an office on your own? Can you work at a desk away from others? Can you work from home some days? But they are not obliged to magic or create a role that doesn't exist to accommodate you. Sometimes they are able to shift things around and take some work of other people and create a custom role BUT they don't have to.

6/ What age are you? can you go down the early retirement route. This is what I had to do in the end and I had to retire at 49yr.

We don't want MD, but we have it and we have to accept that it changes lives. It sounds like they want to work with you to make it work and they don't want you to leave. Have a good think about how you could make it work and make sure your requests are reasonable.

Feel free to PM me or ask more questions if you want



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Re: Fear of job loss
« Reply #2 on: Mar 19 2019, 08:02 PM »
Hi Harry thanks for your detailed reply. Very much appreciated!
I want to keep this short and sweet.
OH made recommendations upon my return to work 18 months ago (when i was demoted). The recommendations weren't adhered to. One of the recommendations was an assessor's view. Another was an assessment of work place triggers and the third was an ergonomic assessment of my work space.
These recommendations werent carried out in the new role either. In fact it appears they were tossed to the side once management got me back where they needed me to be!
Yes I have a hearing aid but its useless as my tinnitus overrides it and i also suffer with hyperacusis which is painful. Hearing loss in left ear only.
In my "demoted role" the only duty i couldnt perform was note taking. As this duty only constituted a third of my working week I was hopeful that someone else couldve undertaken this duty on my behalf whilst i carried out other duties that noone else wanted to do. I was advised this wasnt feasible. I will be asking why it wasnt feasible when i meet management next week. Note taking and minute taking are the only duties i cant do. I work for Belfast Trust so its a big organisation with plenty of available posts!
I am 51 years old so theres a possibility they could medically retire me.
Its a frightening and frustrating time especially when I have seen an 84 year old work colleague have a post created for her. She has chosen the days she works and the hours. Her issue was not medical btw. She just decided she couldn't grasp new technology even after 14 weeks training. Whilst they created her new post she had no duties but wasnt demoted.
I will fight my corner as best I can and if i spin in the middle of the battle maybe then they will appreciate and understand how difficult it is to cope every day with MD!