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The British Tinnitus Association.
« on: May 20 2003, 09:02 PM »
A note sent by Jackie that gives some good information on the BTA.  :D


I joined the British Tinnitus Association recently and received their newsletter - it is quite informative and for anyone wanting to know more about tinnitus I recommend joining the organisation.  The address is -
Ground Floor
Acorn Business Park
Woodseats Close
S8 0TB

Tel 0114 250 9933

There is also a website for the International Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Society, where the latest research into the causes and treatment of tinnitus is posted, at

There is a course on the 'Management of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis' taking place at The Moller Centre, University of Cambridge, between 13 to 16 April and the course is organised by David Baguley (a familiar name) of Cambridge and Laurence McKenna of London.  The booking and info contact is Ann Allen, British Society of Audiology, 80 Brighton Road, Reading, RG6 1PS, tel no 0118 966 0622.  Email

Some items of news from the BTA - the establishment of a new building for the Centre for Auditory Research under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Ashmore, in London.  The Centre will be looking at research into tinnitus, and possible drug treatment.

There is a meeting for younger people with tinnitus (aged 15-45 years) on Saturday 26th April at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield, some top speakers attending.  Non-members of the BTA can also attend, cost is 20 for members and 30 for non-members.  More info from 0114 250 9933 or email

One reader recounted her experience of tinnitus/hyperacusis getting worse and when she had her thyroid function checked it was underactive.  After treatment with thyroxine her symptoms improved, so the recommendation is to have thyroid levels checked in case others find they have the same trouble with it being a possible cause of worsening tinnitus.

Noise levels and tinnitus - there is a Temporary Threshold Shift in hearing following loud noise exposure (say after being at a noisy night club) which causes short-lasting upset to hearing and it usually wears off by the next day.  It is believed that it is caused by metabolic exhaustion of the hair cells of the cochlea.  If the noise exposure continues over a long time then permanent changes may occur.  This is called Permanent Threshold Shift and affects the higher speech frequencies, and is due to damage or death of the hair cells of the cochlea.  The ear can stand relatively high noise levels for 2-3 hours provided it doesn't have to do so too often, so the advice is that once or twice per week for such noise exposure is probably OK but not each night of the week.  Use of ear plugs is also recommended if prolonged noise exposure is unavoidable.  (So for any of you people bouncing around in night clubs until the wee hours, take some ear plugs with you!  LOL)

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