Author Topic: Looking for a new job with Meniere's  (Read 173 times)

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Looking for a new job with Meniere's
« on: Apr 04 2019, 12:25 PM »

I am thinking of leaving my current role, but am held back by my fear of vertigo hitting me when at my new job.  I know that within the first 2 years they can get rid of you for pretty much no reason at all.  My current place of work is very understanding of my condition and to be honest up until now I have only taken half a day off sick in 7 years of being diagnosed.  I always try to make up the hours I loose in hospital appointment.  I just don't know where I stand in regard to if I have any rights in a new job?  What happens if I end up laid out on the office floor with an attack.  Could I find myself out of a job the next day?  Does anyone have any idea how this works?

Many thanks