Author Topic: Effects of weather on symptoms.  (Read 245 times)

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Effects of weather on symptoms.
« on: Jun 25 2019, 05:32 AM »
Ok this is just my own observation of my own symptoms that I have been keeping a mental and not written note of for the past year. High pressure definitely brings on some of the MD symptoms such as rusty neck, grogginess, cotton wool head etc.  After a few days my body adapts to it and things return to normal until the weather starts to change when the symptoms return at various levels until the weather settles again. The change in pressure also has an effect on my tinnitus.  However flying abroad in a plane that is pressurised to about eight thousand feet does not trigger any symptoms. Nor does the arrival in a hotter climate with high air pressure. I cannot say if the high pressure would affect the full MD with vertigo as I have not without wishing to tempt fate had a full attack for about four or five years.

On a slightly different note I saw an article in the Times yesterday that said that a cure for tinnitus in the form of a pill is on the horizon. Apparently they have identified certain enzymes which cause the problem and may sometime be able to do tests on humans. How far in the future this is the article did not specify. But no matter how slim it is at least hope and proof that at least progress is being made.