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dBud earplugs
« on: Aug 25 2019, 01:42 PM »
Has anyone heard or read about dBud earplugs - www/earlabs/dBud.  I came across these while I was looking to see if I could find something to use whilst on a cruise holiday so that I can watch any shows without the loudness etc making everything menieres related unbearable.

From the information, they sound like something I think could be beneficial but as they are quite expensive (£55.00) Iím not sure about pushing something into my ear(s) that could make the fullness feel worse.

So if anyone has tried these I would be interested to hear from you  (whether it is positive or negative).  There is also an article in PC magazine - earplugs, which again sings itís praises.

Hope to hear any thoughts/advice.